About wintery moments and square screens

You are probably familiar with these wintery grey rainy days:

Hiding behind closed doors afraid to get your nose out, and pondering upon how to get your kids interested enough to move them from the screen (never mind which one).

These screens that stand between the future chances of your kids to become  communicative grown ups, starting directly at the eyes of the person they are communicating with (Unless of course this person is square, high tech designed and very fast, in this case they will both communicate with each other through screens).

Sometimes the answer is closer to you than you think.

We waited for a rare moment of piece with the sky, and went out for a short walk. I am not saying that everybody was happy to leave the I-pad, all I’m saying is that they didnt have any choice. See?


Something about the nature colors after the rain always makes me wonder, was this view always so close to my house? How didn’t I see it before? And this after rain smell…it makes you healthier.



These snails are all over, great companions and are great for keeping your kids busy looking after them.  Don’t forget to release them back to where they belong…



3 kids far away from square screens, this is how it looks!


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6 responses to “About wintery moments and square screens

  1. shoshi

    lovely description….

  2. Fantastic! It is so vital for children to leave screen time and share in outdoor adventures with friends and parents. High five to you for promoting nature explorations to your children, to doing instead of preaching, and for sharing with all of us!

    With love,
    Amanda, Certified Parent Coach

  3. Well done you! Would you believe I already have a screen problem with my 2-year-old boy? His main interest now is playing on my PC or Mummy’s laptop. He’s strictly supervised, we join in where we can & try to limit the time he plays, but it’s become a problem I think. A lot of it is beneficial & educational, but only in moderation.

    The scooters we bought for Christmas have been a great help, so we try to get them out when we can 🙂

  4. It’s easy to complain about ‘kids these days’ sitting on their devices, it’s a lot more difficult to do something about it…unless you are the adult in the home: Exactly! Well done; looks like a wonderful adventure!

  5. I love your message to get your family away from the screen. I have to add, that Iove your photography. Beautiful. I think I need to go outside myself (smile).

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