Great and funny Ted talk about mental illness. We’re all there one way or the other, so why don’t you give it the 8 minutes of your busy day:-) Thank you pride in madness!


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  1. patsquared2

    Another TED talk worth listening to. And thank you for liking my repost of Shane Koyczan’s TED talk on bullying. I work in a school and see just the fringes of this problem but I know how damaging words can be. Here’s hoping every one who works with kids understands how very much children need our support, our courage, our caring.

  2. Loved this. I watch Ted talks a lot, this one was great!!

  3. misha

    My husband his a mental illness called bipolar. There is nothing funny about it. Many act like bipolar or mental illness are contagious diseases and this is not helpful for them. people need to be more supportive.

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  5. This was great, thanks!! I feel like the 4 of 4 at least 1 day out of 4! 🙂

  6. I agree. I talk about teens in crisis on my blog A Practical Approach To Teens In Crisis.

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  8. really interesting post, thanks for sharing

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