It’s a good day to be above ground!

After releasing my last full- of- self- pity post, I called my supportive spouse.

“Tears in my eyes”, he said, “we ARE living in two parallel universes, aren’t we?”

Which is right. I’m the pessimistic one, he’s my opposite. What would he do without me ranting. (manage, no issues, he would say).

 What would I do if I had a pessimistic  spouse. One in the house is more than enough.

These are some of your comments, got me thinking about this whole blogging thing.

Unfortunately not all could fit into small squares and circles, but all were highly appreciated and most inspirational and effective.

things   They do, don’t they.


Usually true!

keep on




Usually true, again!


You're not alone copy

 I’m not.

a good day

It is. Thank you all.



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34 responses to “It’s a good day to be above ground!

  1. There’s an amazing support in the blogosphere isn’t there? I’m glad you’re picking up. My husband is the less optimistic one in our house, and I like the fact he gives my happy ass a good hard kick at times. Balance is everything. 🙂

  2. loved this post, such a great way to share comments, and all so true, I always try to take each day at a time and not worry about tommorow. xxxxx

  3. Perfectly Imperfect

    Last week I felt like my optimism was obnoxious. This post helps remind me that everyone needs an optimistic person in their life.

  4. Have been thinking of you. Glad to see you posting. We all have meltdowns, and some of them are very overwhelming, but hopefully the sun is shining for you again.

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling better. My husband and I both haves ups and downs – we just try and not have them at the same time.

  6. Some of the most supportive people I know are folks whom I hadn’t met when I needed them. And they were uplifting and sympathetic and meant the world to me.

    I’ve met some of them, over the years, in real life. 🙂 It’s a delight.

    I hope that you have printed up some of the supportive comments you received when you needed them so that you can see them the next time. Because, alas, there’s always a next time. (Yep, I’m a pessimist. lol)

  7. I’m optimistic in our house. Sometimes he’s right, sometimes I am, it does all work out (in my view.) 🙂 Loved this.

  8. drkaytrotter

    Great post. Your readers might also like to read my last blog ” Boston Marathon Bombing Helping Children Cope” it offers age appropriate responses and books to read to your children resources. Here is it’s URL:

  9. I’m glad things are on the upswing. Some days, I can’t wait to go to sleep and then wake up and start all over again. That’s the beauty of sunrises and sunsets and new days. Hugs to you and your family and friends– I hope everyone is weaving their hopes and sorrows into a new day.

  10. How is your dad? Is he getting good treatment?

  11. Finally getting the high-sign from my lawyer that we’re moving forward, so, yes, it is a good day. I can celebrate with you!

  12. Never thought of incorporating responses into a post. Nicely done!

  13. misha

    I have a pessimistic husband. Every relationship has to have one I guess.

  14. C

    We’re both self-proclaimed realists, though I’m slightly more optimistic than my wife is about dealing with the fallout of things beyond our control. If life has taught me anything is that some things just are what they are and that we’ll adapt. We always do.

  15. MyMagicPill

    You have no idea how much I needed this! “It’s a good day to be above ground” was my dad’s saying. Every time he said it to me, I replied “aren’t they all?” My dad and I were so close, I adored him and the feeling was mutual. He and my mom died of cancer just about 28 months ago. I shared with you his wisdom and positive outlook on a day you posted about some struggles in your life. My life has been stressful lately and I start up my computer and see “It’s a good day to be above ground” as the name of your post. I feel like my Daddy just sent me a message through your blog. Thank you 🙂

    • Your dad seems as a special person, and this say has really uplifted me. I told many people about it. I am sorry for your lose, both your parents at the same time! It seems that your dad’s wisdom is still helping people though, doesn’t it? I posted it so that many people can read it and I wouldn’t be the only one, but also so I can see it easily in my next dark days.
      I hope you feel better in no time. Keep in touch.

      • MyMagicPill

        Dad was an amazingly optimistic person. Even with terminal cancer, he was never ‘sick’. He only grudgingly admitted he had a ‘condition’, if he had to. He and my mom were truly special people, and you have no idea how wonderful it feels that my Dad’s words, my Dad’s view of life, is being shared with so many.

  16. I love this one: “Everything will be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end.” I hope you’ve reached the end and that everything is OK now.

  17. Relationships are Ebb and Flow, if you stay in the water it will flow together again. Wishing you both the best…

  18. It is a good day to be above ground.. even in the rain! I hope you are feeling better.. My husband ‘thinks’ his way through life and I ‘feel’ sometimes it causes problems, especially early on, as it is hard to figure out where each other are coming from. But, I have since discovered the benefits.. I have taught him how to deal with my ‘whinning’ and I have realised it is nice to have practical tasks done before I even realised they needed doing. Life is hard though.. but fun too!

  19. I love the motivational phrases. Those could come in handy more than once.

  20. Lovely upbeat post. Can’t get enough wordpress positivity, especially in the doom and gloom financial climate!

  21. I say whine on sister! Sometimes the only way to cure it is by letting it out…specifically to people who aren’t going through it with you. Glad you are having a better day, but can totally appreciate the bad days too. Love your blog!

  22. Yep, in recovery we have a saying…this too shall pass! Good or bad, it will pass! That is definitely based in realism…

  23. gemini232006

    My husband is the pessimistic one, He says he is Realist. I just say he’s Fuddy Duddy and can’t see the glass half full, ever.

  24. Indeed! And most often, it’s all about balance and coming to compromise. That is the stuff of both longterm relationships and parenting.

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