Here He Comes, The First Man

first man2

The first man: Not only did he say that he is willing to become a author, he actually posted

This brave blogger is Pieter from , a proud dad and cool blogger you should all get to know. Always makes me laugh.

Pieter – I admire your guts, a first male author in a feminine neighbourhood!

BTW, this kind of caught me by surprise.

I mean, when I created I visioned it as a site for parents, not for moms. Perhaps it’s because I share my life with a partner who is equally involved in our children’s life.

Then it striked me: I am constantly addressed by male bloggers who say they want to become PS contributors, and disappear.

DDB, the “daily disappearing bloggers” (you know who you are).

Hey listen, it’s not about committing to a relationship, guys. Don’t get me wrong, you’re great. It’s just that I’m already committed.

I’ll explain again:

It’s about discussing parenting issues. You’re parents, right? Good! Bloggers? That’s all it takes!

So I said to hubby – women are from Venus, men from Mars. What is it with these guys, don’t they have parenting issues, or are they leaving it to their wives to handle, while they are busy running the world?

I mean, look at the world. Why don’t you leave it for us to run. It couldn’t get any worst than it already is.

“Dear, you are not even close. Us men, we share same thoughts as you, we just don’t share your outrageous need to tell the whole world about it” he said politely.

“Example”, I said.

“For example, men usually have this thought about their children being more attached to their moms. No matter how much they’re involved in their children’s life, they always have this thought. Only they don’t need to discuss it”.

“No way”, I said. You don’t need to discuss it. You’re a “non discussive” man. You’re a secretive person. Men are not different from women, most of us need some kind of audience, attention, something.

So there we were arguing about the differences between us, when he suggested to pass me a list of parenting topics that I could write about, from a daddy point of view.

Isn’t it a great idea?

He is working on the list now. And good news – 2 more of this rare species  “proud-daddy-cool-blogger” are joining PS contributors.

Looking forward to blogging with you guys. No commitment, don’t you worry.

first man

See how cool a PS contributor looks ?



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29 responses to “Here He Comes, The First Man

  1. Hi. I’ve always been meaning to leave a comment or an email and say “I would love to contribute!” But do nothing only because I’m not really sure yet what to share. Anyway, congratulations for the successful launch! =) All the best, D.

  2. I was just having a conversation with someone about this very thing. My friend said “no matter how much time I spend with the boys they will always be closer to their mum.” I will have to point him to this post:)

  3. wjewelcastle

    True, true,true! The never-ending story!

  4. Looking forward to the male parenting perspective…

  5. Unfortunately, my experience is from last century, and I’m not kidding. We brought up two boys and after a couple of years at school we decided to home school them (I’m a bloke, by the way) the job, happily , fell to me as my wife made heaps more money than I did. So I guess my experience of being a dad is a bit different. Yes, I wrote a book on the experience, and yes I have a blog site which carries on the discussion, and yes you are welcome to any of that content.


  6. I wrote a post about this a few weeks back. Was referencing mumsnet and explaining my thoughts on why we don’t see more dad blogging (amongst other things). One of the main things for me was that mums seem to be able to bond via motherhood but I don’t see the same things happen with dads, we seem more fickle in the kinds of topic we’ll discuss with other men. I have to agree with your husband, men seem less inclined to talk about a lot of topics relating to fatherhood. However, I don’t think we’re unable or unwilling, we just don’t have a social protocol to get into it, more dad bloggers should go some way to opening up this option.

    • At this point, I guess I need to agree with you. I also noticed that there are many “Twitterdads”, while they are not blogging nor Facebooking. Twitter may be more fitting for many dads: short messages, doesn’t get any more social then that.

      • I’m not always sure it’s the tendency for brief talk that’s fully responsible though. I typically don’t shut up if someone gives me an opening to start talking but when it comes to talking about dad stuff with other dads the opening never seems very large. We just don’t have any social conventions which make it feel normal to discuss fatherhood with other men, in the past men went to work and talked about work, they had different experience of time with their children than we do now. I personally think dads have a bit of an uphill battle ahead of us as we figure out what’s OK to talk about and what isn’t. From personal experience these topics seem to be well received: sleeplessness, moneylessness (is that even a word?), crazy mums, crazy grandparents, crazy kids and how crazy we can be too, ooh and definitely toys. However, it always seems like an experiment when I talk to another dad about parenthood and I’ve received my share of confused frowns as I clearly step over a line. Mums make it look easy.

  7. I LOVE it! YES, I have often thought about how we need DAD’s voice. Not just mom’s. I’ve been urging Brian, my husband, to write on the Barefoot Barn’s blog for awhile now. As a psychotherapist, don’t even get me started on how we need to give space and voice to men. The violence that is happening — just in our country…… begs the question: how are we raising our boys? What resources are we offering to men? So I’m all about this!!! YAY!!! Thanks for being so brave! Love, Lisa

  8. This post has spurred me on to contribute for you even more. I must break off the shackles of this DDB label and prove you wrong.

    I’m ready to commit! (To the site.)

  9. Great post – and thanks for linking the most recent post on my blog about parenting when one parent changes – in this case my wife, who suffered a massive stroke 3 years ago, and while an important part of our family, a different kind of parent than she used to be to our 14-year old and 11-year old twins. But of course I’m a different parent now too! I look forward to seeing more posts – from both mothers and fathers. (And I’d be happy to be an occasional contributor too). Cheers!

  10. Oops. I forgot the link. It’s if you’re interested.

  11. jennrowe

    Brilliant. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with. I think more men relate to “mommy blogs” than we think. It just takes more thought to market to them. Marketers everywhere will tell you there are gender differences when you are selling anything. Blogs and websites are no different.

    And congrats on the “new baby.” Looks like it’s growing like crazy!

    • Thanks, feel free to join! And yes a different marketing approach is probably required, although there are some daddys about to start posting. I guess there will always be more moms in such a site regardless of the marketing.

  12. Hi, I meant to post/reply/volunteer etc when I read the original request, what sort of thing do you want? I’m fairly new to this whole affair but I’m really enjoying it… So if I can be of any use please give me a shout

  13. Hey, I’m one of those man species types. It’s tough running the world you know so we get tired and need to grab a ‘bud’ and sit on the couch before we go out again to keep the world spinning. Thanks for your post and thoughts.

  14. First i just wanna say that this comment is irrelevant to this specific post but i love ur blog!
    Because i love ur blog i have nominated you to something call blog award:

    • Hey darling, finished your exams?
      Thanks for nominating me, gave me a happy morning. I will skip the rules though, because I don’t have enough time to answer questions etc., so if you prefer to nominate someone else that’s perfect and I am still very grateful! Hugs

      • Hello. Yes, i finished them last week. And its okay that you dont do the post yourself, i basically wanted to do it because i know i dont comment on my followers stuff that often. I wanted my followers to know that theres people who like their blogs 🙂

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