May I have your attention please

Mary Anne is a contributor at Her 9 years old daughter is being stalked by a boy in her class for a long time now, making her school days unbearable. I got crazy when reading this, which got me thinking about our ancient protecting- our -children’s instincts. Anyway, thought to share this with you; Perhaps Mary Anne could get some good advise? I got a lot of helpful advise from you so far 🙂


fireworksNow that I have your attention….

I have written briefly about this in an earlier post. But I felt the need to write just about this one particular problem this time. To support my daughter and to learn from all of our mistakes through my written word.

Rebecca is late….she is never late…

My 9 year daughter has a young man in her class that thrives on getting attention. There are a lot of children and adults that are like this. But this particular young man thrives on stalking my daughter. That is really the only word, besides bullying, that I can think of using for this particular young man, let’s call him “A”.

“A” has been, oh let’s call it, interested in Rebecca since the firt day of school. Now keep in mind we just moved here. She’s the new kid and she is a pretty little girl. Long…

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13 responses to “May I have your attention please

  1. What are they waiting for to take her out of a school where she is not protected???? And that “A” should be kicked from the school and given professional help, or they will have a potential stalker or much worse in the future. Why do they pay so much attention to the poor disbalanced boy when a little girl is in pain???? This makes me SO mad.

  2. Too many times I’ve heard or read this kind of story happening. I will never understand why bullies are treated like a protected species. It is little wonder that little girls grow up thinking that they deserve it when a boyfriend hits them.

  3. There is nothing unusual with the school. This is how they operate. I wish we could go back to having backbones and actually protecting victims.

  4. this needs to end immediately. if the school/adults involved are not responding well enough and quickly enough, she needs to start somewhere else, needs an advocate who will listen and respond to her.

  5. When I was being harassed by an ex boyfriend while in high school my parents made sure that the school did something. This meant that we were not in the same classes and that I went to the teachers or principal if he was bothering me. There was also the threat of the police being involved.

    Speaking with the school, contacting the other child’s parent(s)/guardian is a good first few steps.

    This needs immediate action. I don’t even think going to the police is too far eventually.

  6. We are trying to put her in a Charter School that is about 40 minutes from our house. It is an awesome school but she is 7th on the waiting list. We may find out soon or we may find out after school has already started…. It is frustrating because the teachers are wonderful and we like the staff, basically, at thes current school. This child, “A”, has an IEP, I am guessing, I do know that he is on the autistic spectrum, high functioning. And that he was in a special class that deals with behaviorial issues last year and they felt that he had graduated from that class (?). Really?
    As I said in the article, I am concerned for the future also. Even if we move Rebecca out of his reaches there are still plenty of other people that he could do the same or worse to. How do I deal with that?

  7. I agree with everyone else. This is madness that he is allowed to continue with intimidating your daughter.

    This story rang true for me too, when I was about the same age a boy had a ‘thing’ for me and stopped other people approaching me in the playground, he brought me gifts and threatened me to take them or he would be violent, he chased me and knocked me down, I was terrified of him. This was 25years ago. I believe he ended up in prison for violent crimes. Keep at the school til something decisive is done.

  8. I would hire a lawyer or at least tell them you have. A lawsuit would scare them because all of this would then be public – like in the newspaper.

  9. I want to thank you so very much for re-blogging this! This is such an immensely important issue and one that so many are afraid to tackle. I have put in too blessedx5ks for re-blogging it myself but I was able to get it to my Facebook page. Again thanks so much for ALL your writing and giving others such as her a chance to get such important issues out there too. The more we can come together and offer help, the stronger we are in Christ Jesus – That’s Body (of Christ) ministry!!
    God Bless you richly!
    Pastor Roland

  10. i am not so experienced or anything but i would like to suggest that maybe if the girl was supported by her family into becoming friends with “A” while getting him some professional attention…. don’t teach her to run or avoid because he isn’t gonna be the only one, and don’t leave “A” to torture some other poor girl.
    if he is obsessed with her that means that she can control him and maybe help him to improve. being friends with him doesn’t necessarily mean that she let him rule her.

    just an opinion.

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