Mindful dads are fighting back!


It was after the third angry mail I received from male bloggers, following this post about the first exceptional dad contributor to my new site http://www.parents-space.com,  (here) that it struck me: Unintentionally, I just started a mini genders war.



OK, Joke, don’t send me angry mails again. Don’t be sensitive, you know how many of these are just lying there waiting for me to Google “men vs woman”?

Anyway, I am Soooooooooooo happy to inform you, that only 2 weeks from that post, and the moms – dads bloggers gap is becoming smaller every day now – 6 dad contributors have already joined us at Parents-Space!

Hey, you should get to know them:


There’s Pieter from this post above: Pieter already pushed his way up  to the contributors presentation, in two weeks!

What does it mean, you are asking? Good question!

It means that he considers his new important role as a blogger at parents-space.com seriously, and posts a lot.

Getting there in 2 weeks, well – good job 🙂  

I find his posts (here) thought-provoking as well as amusing.  The sibling rivalry post for example, I figured long ago that I will die long before I solve this one.


Speaking of sibling rivalry, I promised you that this site is a meeting place of parents and experts, didn’t I?

Sibling Rivalry is discussed in a new post by Sam Margulies (here). Sam, http://sammargulies.com/, who joined us for a weekly post, is one of the most experienced divorce consultants and mediators in the United States, and for sure his experience will benefit many.


Another daddy blogger that just joined us is Shah:  Shah is a  film maker blogging in  http://blankpagebeatdown.wordpress.com/ , and blogging about parenthood in  parents-space.com. You can read him discussing the  different communication of moms and dads in regards to parenting (here) , as a reply to my accusations towards daddy bloggers…;-)


Timothy from http://meanderedwanderings.wordpress.com, a dad of 3 daughters,  has posted his first post in parents-space.com, is discussing the very important topic of building creativity with children (here)


John of http://johnthetoyshopguy.wordpress.com/ , a

British Philosopher working with toys,  just joined us as well, and posted about dad’s – mom’s social life


And last: Adam, a serial reinventor (as well as many other things) from Florida, blogging in http://brainsplatterkeyboard.wordpress.com/, has posted today in Parents-Space.com for the first time, about dealing with his son’s nightmares.


Good for you, men bloggers. For 2 weeks you’ve done a lot to prove me wrong!

If you didn’t contact me yet but would like to join us, feel free to contact me at info@parents-space.com.  

This applies to both genders…;-)   See you at http://www.Parents-space.com!




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27 responses to “Mindful dads are fighting back!

  1. rui geraldes

    You know, we the dad’s may very well be taking over the world. After all, after Barney, Teletubbies and the sort, there is nothing else the world can throw at us that we are not ready for. So, bring it on! 🙂

  2. That’s a great site – thanks!

  3. From my perspective as someone who jumped into all this as a stepdad in my 50s, I’d say the role of fathers in today’s America is much less clearly defined or understood than is motherhood (not that we have her part down pat, especially when we throw full-time employment into the mix).
    Women, we’ve observed, are more likely to discuss problems, while men silently try to figure out a solution. (Yes, it’s the old joke about asking directions.) Still, encouraging fathers to admit challenges and share positive responses seems to be the basis for an ideal blogging community.
    I think you’re onto something … big-time.

  4. Whoa, like Carly Simon said: “Let the testoterone run.” Must admit it sounded better in my head…

  5. i wish i have sense of humor like you do. it is refreshing to read how you handle sensitive male readers.I hope to learn from you. i love your post

  6. mkesling63

    Competition with the parent is not good but dads should spend just as much time doing all that mom did too. Just as good or bad. Kids love and want both theri parents when they stop competing using the child. They want to be played with, shopped, with, taken out, educataed with not competed with. The dont want to be in a tug of war game. Then you are playing with their feelings.

  7. Sensitive males…don’t they have hormone therapy for that? Just kidding!!(As I dodge cyber tomatoes being hurled my direction.)

  8. cool, thanks! seems like of the parenting blogs I have signed up for on wordpress, I have collected more male voices…kind of an interesting perspective, maybe it’s because I talk to mom’s all day and get their take on things. Just followed the parenting space on twitter…thank you!

  9. I love reading the different posts. Although fairly new to blogging, it has provided a great source of thought, inspiration, smiles, grimaces, you name it, but I love the fact that you ALL take your role so seriously. As a Father of two grown sons, my oldest just turned forty and my youngest thirty-eight, I count my blessings very much because I have a very strong relationship with both boys (men!).
    Sometimes I look at the world (I’m a people watcher) and it disturbs and frightens me at times, but then I read posts on your site and it shows me, where there is love, grace and compassion, there will always be hope!
    Thanks so much for your blog, it is one of the worthwhile times I take to indulge myself!
    God bless!

  10. thank you for checking out my blog! It looks like you do a great job here on your blog too.

  11. i sure do have a lot to say as a parent, but most of it is philosophizingification… really dont think there is much interest in my theories and practice thereof. works for me, and the results are awesome. but that’s just me, not arrogant enough to fling it out there as some sort of pontificating. example of my approach to my teens, “you have three things to do for me to choose things that are pleasing to you: keep me from b*tching, make me happy, impress me.”

  12. Thanks for giving me a wee mention there, very much appreciated. I feel a bit ungrateful asking this but could you list me as Scottish or British, no problems with English people I’m just not one. I also wanted to say thanks for your post at https://parentingandstuff.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/here-he-comes-the-first-man/ it let me see that there aren’t perhaps as few of us ‘daddy bloggers’ as I’d thought. Cheers 🙂

  13. akmosol64

    That is awesome. Creating the challenge and people taking up the challenge is quite encouraging.

  14. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! http://18yearsyoung.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/chapter-239-very-versatile/ Have an amazing day! xxoo

  15. Thanks for sharing this!

  16. It is great to see other dad bloggers out there who are concerned about their kids.

  17. Good stuff! Thanks for the heads up on fellow dads doing their thing. I am brand new to WordPress and was getting lonely 🙂 Thanks again!

  18. Cool banner. Though mine’s only 6, I can totally commiserate with the quandary of whether you’re sheltering too much or too little. Hard world. As to this post and your comic (I don’t think this link even made it to the Reader in the early days of my blogging. I hadn’t even tagged it. But it’s relevant…and short):


    Thanks for the like on my Boy’s Love on the Landing.

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