I Won! I Won! I Won!

Hey all,

I’m not posting a lot lately, am I?

I’m soooooo into my new site http://www.parents-space.com, which you helped me create.


Really, you did!

It was back then in January, when I found out that my daughter’s peers are cutting.

I was so overwhelmed, learning that no one around me knows about this “trend”, that I started blogging about it, hoping that someone out there will hear me cry.

All recorded here, in case you’re a late follower.

Many of you heard me  (see the comments, re-blogs and likes to this post).

I learned a lot from you all!

Your comments inspired me to create http://www.parents-space.com, thinking we can all share, discuss and help each other with our parenting challenges.

Re. Cutting, I owe you an update: It took me several months of banging my head against the wall (well, her school staff and other teens “experts” in disguise, a wall is softer).


You would think they would be interested in hearing about it all, wouldn’t you? Oh no, think again!

“Terrible”, they said, “we are devastated, but we don’t think we should discuss it with kids or parents as they might be angry at us for raising this delicate topic.” Really, that’s what they all said!

Ok, enough of that, I’m getting angry just thinking about it.

But hey, I won!


I finally made it to the press, and the last days cutting is discussed in my country’s media!

Good for me for fighting for self harm awareness, and winning!!

Anyway, another thing that followed – I started parents-space.com with ZERO web knowledge, and found out that I enjoy it TREMENDOUSLY. Actually, I became addicted to the web!

(Thinking again, is it a good thing? I’m always telling my kids to have a life!)

Life is full of surprises; You never know, do you?

I learned so much during this web journey of mine, that I am now starting to offer my services to help people market their products online:

1. Build wordpress sites

2. Promote new / existing sites through social media, organic and paid promotion.

3. Write content, build and manage blogs.

In addition, I am building a new site!!

Did I mention I’m addicted…

It connects my two special loves, crafts and animals: Can’t live without both.

Well you know me, owls, giraffs… read these if you didn’t get a chance yet.

For all you craftoholics among this blog’s followers (raise your hand):

My new site will bring together all the awesome animal crafts out there, as long as they’re just that – awesome!

If you love animals, you are invited to contribute to the site regularly.

If you are a craftoholic in soul, and would like to draw attention to your blog, feel free to contact me for a guest post.

Your creativity will be rewarded by generating traffic to your site / business, and increasing your web’s presence.

Ok – let’s conclude:

  1. If you feel like joining http://www.parents-space.com contributors, contact me.
  2. If you would like to participate in my new animal crafts site (sorry, will be revealed very soon), contact me.
  3. If you are interested in my paid services, contact me!

Bottom line – contact me 🙂    info@parents-space.com

If you don’t, I will need to think of new reasons for you to contact…me.


Oh, and to the new followers of this blog, almost forgot:  Many thanks!



June 24, 2013 · 11:14 pm

18 responses to “I Won! I Won! I Won!

  1. I LOOOOOVE IT! What an awesome site! AND I love that you are bringing the cutting “trend” to light. I work as a psychotherapist and I’ve seen plenty of it. Lots of parents don’t know that it is trendy in school – and has been for some years. It’s quite an eye opener. You go, mama!!!! So proud of you! Love, Lisa

  2. I too think you are amazing! i think you’ve found your calling! go girl go!

  3. Just visited the website, it is quite beautiful and practical. Good job!

  4. What the school staff said fits well with the post I made on Parents-Space about shame and self harm! No one wants to talk about it so I have decided to just not talk! Very frustrating….

    Congratulations on everything you have done up to this point! It’s been great to be a part of the authors on the site!

  5. What a positive and energy-giving post! Media coverage, having found something you love doing and (trying to) make a living with it, new sites!
    I’m definitely going to follow your craft blog, I’m a crafter too but am not able to do it often. And now, back to a deadline for work….

  6. HEllo!!
    Good blog you have!
    Mind follow me ??

  7. That is great! I am exploring the possibility of building a new website for my sister to keep her busy while taking care of her kids. I can refer her to you for help.

  8. Beautiful blog!
    I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Award. To learn more about it and how to nominate other great blogs, please visit http://funkyairbear.wordpress.com/2013/07/19/super-sweet-blogging-award/

  9. You should get in touch with the founder of letters to Noah, Karen Brocklebank. They have something like 17k followers on fb and it all started with get son being bullied and cutting. The media response has been enormous and the positive works she is doing is amazing

  10. 102theavnuesurgery

    Reblogged this on 102 The Avenue Surgery Blog.

  11. 102theavnuesurgery

    It’s good to be associated with a successful blogger I am still a toddler and in need of parenting but slowly getting there!!!!!

  12. Great blog. Good luck with the new one.

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