Why do Parents Abuse Their Children?


My 14 years old daughter is a normal teen.

By “normal”, I mean that she doesn’t talk to her mom (myself) a lot.

Here’s a typical mother-daughter talk:

1. I’m asking her something, she mumbles back.

2. I’m trying to understand what she said.

3. She gets angry and swears that she’ll never speak to me again.

4. She turns her back and storms away, end of conversation.

5. I’m completely and utterly puzzled as to what just happened.

From time to time though, no prior notice, she opens up to me and we share those special moments in which I get a short glimpse of what’s really going on in her world.



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2 responses to “Why do Parents Abuse Their Children?

  1. Wonderful, thoughtful post. We’re all just doing the best we can, right? You did a lot of great listening to your daughter. Whether or not you know the family in question, you can always speak to the school principal (I am one) and express your concerns about your daughter’s friend. Educators are mandated reporters and your principal will handle it from there.

    Girls your daughter’s age are struggling mightily to manage the heavy burdens of adolescence. By taking the opportunity to talk and listen, you’re giving her a safe space to express herself.

  2. Your mother – daughter conversation made me giggle. The rest of your post makes me sad. There is a great deal of abuse (mental, physical, and emotional) that goes unnoticed.

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