Just Say “Penis”! Teaching Your Kids how to Call Private Body Parts

Teavh children how to call private body parts


My 3-year-old calls his penis his ‘wee-wee’, but my sister says he should learn the correct term for it.

I think ‘penis’ sounds too clinical, and I also don’t want him going around talking about that.

Who’s right?


Your sister’s right.

Children should be taught the standard terms for all their body parts, including the ones that many adults are nervous about naming – private body parts.

He probably doesn’t call his hand his ‘bang-bang’ or his foot his ‘walkie,’ and it’s time to teach him that his penis is his penis.

When kids


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2 responses to “Just Say “Penis”! Teaching Your Kids how to Call Private Body Parts

  1. This is a topic that is controversial, which means it’s worth discussing. There is an age-appropriate time for introducing words such as “penis” or “vagina” into a child’s vocabulary. I see it as the parents’ responsibility as they are the ones raising a child, but maybe teachers can subtly work in such vocabulary words (with the parents’ permission) when learning about body parts. Text books may skip those parts at an early age, but children are curious and will ask (or show) each other about their bodies. It’s a natural curiosity that adults get their panties in a bunch over.

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