Did you Think It’s Safe for Your Teens & Tweens to Use Instagram? Think Again!

Being safe on Instagram

My two oldest girls have an Instagram account, and are complete social butterflies.

They take pictures of themselves, their friends, and food; you name it, and they share it with their friends.

I’m able to monitor their accounts because I see every picture they post.




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6 responses to “Did you Think It’s Safe for Your Teens & Tweens to Use Instagram? Think Again!

  1. I dont think it is safe. Not until they in instagram modify their content policies.

  2. Reblogged this on Dish With Clarissa and commented:
    All Parents need to be aware of what their kids/teens are posting on any social network.

    Our technology comes with a price. Its easier for predators and pedophiles to prey upon our young!

    Remember that……

  3. Instagram has never been safe when it comes to teens. Even if they are not necessarily doing anything wrong, their friends and friends of friends are doing wrong. There are so much inappropriate pictures and downright porn on there that the only way for them to not have to see it, is really to delete it. It is also a way for young girls to get connected with older men. I have seen this so many times (with young girls) I get tired of repeating myself. Parents who don’t feel like checking Instagram should never let their teen have it in the first place. Because the only way you can be pro-active is to check it 24/7. Even if you have a good kid, they often make bad choices thinking they can handle it. Never true! My almost 17 year old daughter refuses to have any social site because she has seen so many of her friends either accept half-naked pictures on their account or they are doing it themselves.

  4. I am a broad-minded Englishman, an I am shocked by the stuff that land in my inbox. Self-shot nudity is not good.

  5. Great information!! Thank you for sharing. I have a pretween (age 11) who I recently started an Instagram account for. I thought it seemed innocent enough as I see every post too and know everyone she follows and that follows her. I do already see how if not properly taught about the use of social media a potential problem/issue could occur…your post is right on target and your suggestions are great. Thanks again for sharing!! Loved it!

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