Stop This 4 Mom Shaming Trends!


I have the good fortune of being a part-time stay-at-home-mom, so my 23-month old son and I occasionally go to a public drop-in centre in our neighbourhood.

The other attendees vary: Mostly home daycare providers, the odd grandparent, and even a rare dad sighting here and there!

On our last visit, one of the staff members pulled me aside.

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3 responses to “Stop This 4 Mom Shaming Trends!

  1. I loved that article – thank you for the share.
    I love to see how different parents tackle parenting. We are all doing what we feel is the best thing for our kids…and really, we are the experts on our own child(ren). Humans have so many differences that it makes sense that there is a unique way to raise one ❤

  2. I was fortunate to be able to breastfeed for 14, 11, and 14 months respectively. All were different. My oldest went straight to a cup. She refused a bottle. I stopped with my son when he started biting me. And my youngest took a bottle with tiny nipples when I ran out of milk in the afternoon. She started on a bottle in the neonatal nursery with the tiny nipples. We were not quite in poverty, but nursing saved us a lot of money as did washing diapers.

    • But I never judge others because of their choices in this area. Many times they have no choice. And sometimes support or the lack of support makes a big difference. I am amazed regarding how working mothers make it work. I was judged because my kids went to public schools in a poor neighborhood. Shaming comes in many forms.

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