4 Reasons NOT to Sleep Training Your Baby

baby sleep training

Are you counting down the days until your newborn reaches 4 months old, so you can commence baby sleep training?

Maybe you’ve grabbed a sleep help book from your local book store and you’re memorizing the steps to train your baby to sleep better.

Maybe you’re compiling advice at your mommy group to formulate your sleep training game plan.

If you’re planning on sleep training your baby, I urge you to stop right now.




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2 responses to “4 Reasons NOT to Sleep Training Your Baby

  1. Totally agree with the article. However if anyone has tips on sleep training my baby who is now 14 and lives, eats and sleeps attached to a computer and headphones (and the dog) that would be great.

  2. I don’t agree. If sleep training means putting my baby on a sleep schedule then it was the best thing I ever did. It allows my child to get the rest they need and allows me the same. It had been great for me. So is sleep training the same thing as putting the kids on a sleep schedule??

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