Test Yourself: Did your iPad Become Your Babysitter?

iPad babysitterWe’re all busy!

We all have things we need and want to do.

It’s not uncommon for busy parents to hire babysitters for those times when a date night is in order, or they simply want to sit and see what all their Facebook friends are doing, or cook dinner in peace.

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2 responses to “Test Yourself: Did your iPad Become Your Babysitter?

  1. My youngest two, ages 10 and 14, can stay home unsupervised, thanks to the collaboration of Netflix and mobile devices. Seriously, they’ll stay put until they get hungry, then make mac-n-cheese.

    I wish there was a way I could at least control what they can access on mobile devices.

  2. My youngest is a toddler. She is so jittery and wants to move around all the time. One way to keep her sitting even for a while, is to show her her favorite 3-5 min.show on the mobile device. Just a little smile on mom’s face. 🙂

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