What I Learned By NOT Validating My Son’s Feelings

validtaing feelings

Validation is one of the most important elements to learn before parenting any child.

Validation allows your child to feel seen, heard, and accepted and to know that what they say matters and is understood.

The first time I can recall the purpose of validation as a parent, was when my son was eleven years old.

We had just spent the day at Universal Studios as a family, and we were having dinner in a restaurant when my son blurted out:

“There is no point in living.



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  1. This is how I handle the kids in my care. I, too, learned at my son’s expense when he tried to reach out to let me know he was suffering ( OCD ). I did as my mother did, and tried to poo-poo it off as if he was imagining things. I remember feeling horrible when my mom did that, so why I did the same thing, I don’t know! Her intentions were good, as were mine, but I am so glad I took some classes to better myself! I learned how many things I had done wrong with my kids. Eye opening!

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