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The Facebook Pages That Will REALLY Help You Save Money

frugal living

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Whether You’re a Parent, or Working with Parents: This post is for you!

I’ll start with a short apology:

It’s been long since I posted!

Juggeling between 3 kids, among them¬†a tween turning to a slamming-doors teen ūüôā and a full day job did not leave me a lot of time to blog.

So my personal blog… well yes, it was pushed aside.

2 years ago I built a website for us parents and parenting experts to discuss our parenting challenges.

This site has become a great resource for parents:

Currently it has a community of 11.2 K Twitter followers, great content & many parenting experts of various proffesions, as well as bloggers, sharing their experience and thoughts there.

If you’re a parent you should join our mailing list, Twitter, pinterest, FB¬†. You’ll get lot’s of awesome content from our experts!

If you are WORKING with parents, joining our parenting experts community can actually become your second website, another awesome platform for exposing your business to potential targeted audience, helping and communicating with customers.

You can see our experts here:

An Expert profile includes unlimited articles hosted by us, your videos and events: If for example you are working with parenting groups, participating in conferences etc., this is the place to notify your followers about it.

That’s how it looks:

You can read more about why you should join our community here:

Experts Profile

Still waiting???

To register as a parenting expert, please press here.

I promiss to answer ASAP! ūüôā

I’m looking forward to having you join us, whether you’re a parenting expert, or an active blogger who loves blogging about your parenting experience.

Don’t forget to share this post, perhaps some of your followers are parenting experts who are not familiar with our community yet, and your sharing will make a difference for them!

See you @ parents-space ūüôā

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I Won! I Won! I Won!

Hey all,

I’m not posting a lot lately, am I?

I’m soooooo into my new site, which you helped me create.

Really, you did! Continue reading


June 24, 2013 · 11:14 pm

Mindful dads are fighting back!


It was after the third angry mail I received from male bloggers, following this post about the first exceptional dad contributor to my new site,  (here) that it struck me: Unintentionally, I just started a mini genders war. Continue reading


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Here He Comes, The First Man

first man2

The first man: Not only did he say that he is willing to become a author, he actually posted! 

This brave blogger is Pieter from , a proud dad and cool blogger you should all get to know. Always makes me laugh.

Pieter – I admire your guts, a first male author in a feminine neighbourhood! Continue reading


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Calling all parents

To all you parents out there:  My newborn, 1 month old ,  is already becoming a great resource of information for parents.

(If I sound proud, it’s because I am!)

An amazing group of contributing authors (which I can’t thank enough) have gathered together to write in PS ¬†; some of them are counsellors, some are parents sharing their daily challenges, and all are there for you. Continue reading


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It’s a good day to be above ground!

After releasing my last full- of- self- pity post, I called my supportive spouse.

“Tears in my eyes”, he said, “we ARE living in two parallel universes, aren’t we?” Continue reading


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Autism Awareness day


April 2 is Autism Awareness day.

3 of my not so many really close friends have children with autism. Continue reading


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The moment you’ve been waiting for! Woo Hoo…


OK, I know, not all of you waited for this moment exactly, but I worked so hard on it, I needed to get your attention, didn’t I? ūüėČ

For those of you who followed my journey, and for those who have no idea what I’m talking about:

I promised (here)

I complained (a lot, here )

And finally I made it!  Here: Continue reading


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Bar Refaeli and I

Bar Refaeli

You know how Go Daddy could afford this “when sexy meets smart” commercial in the Super Bowl, right? That’s because I pay them for hosting my new site. (More about this fun stuff that will change the world ¬†– here)

I saw this nice guy in the ad, and figured that if I face  server issues he will help me.

I get server errors all the time, so eventually I contacted Go Daddy.

go daddy gone

The nice guy wasn’t there, and ¬†they said that I should contact my ISP (Internet service provider), which I did, but the ISP guys said that I should contact my router provider.

 I did that, but their nice guy suggested that I go back to my ISP. Continue reading


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