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How to Be Happy and Get the Most Out of Life!

how to be happy

Problems, as we all know, are a reality of living.

Life can be unpredictable and will most certainly be stressful at one point or another.

But it is how we respond to changes and solve a problem that have the most impact and influence to the quality of our lives, as opposed to the actual problem itself.

In my practice as a Psychotherapist, I have worked with many individuals and families of all ages, ranging from issues as harrowing as psychological trauma in small children to more commonplace issues such as conflict in the workplace, or dating and relationship issues.

Over the years, I have come to realize that a problem is a problem, relative to the unique context of a person’s life and individual phenomenology.

Which is to say that they exist – or do not exist – based on our own personal circumstances and subjective experiences of life.

No matter what our individual circumstances are, there are things that all of us can do – whether we struggle with mental illness, extremely difficult living conditions, anxiety, depression, or just plain old boredom – to promote our psychological and emotional well-being, and therefore the quality of our lives.

I call these the 4 pillars of LIFE:

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The Facebook Pages That Will REALLY Help You Save Money

frugal living

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I Won! I Won! I Won!

Hey all,

I’m not posting a lot lately, am I?

I’m soooooo into my new site, which you helped me create.

Really, you did! Continue reading


June 24, 2013 · 11:14 pm

May I have your attention please

Mary Anne is a contributor at Her 9 years old daughter is being stalked by a boy in her class for a long time now, making her school days unbearable. I got crazy when reading this, which got me thinking about our ancient protecting- our -children’s instincts. Anyway, thought to share this with you; Perhaps Mary Anne could get some good advise? I got a lot of helpful advise from you so far 🙂


fireworksNow that I have your attention….

I have written briefly about this in an earlier post. But I felt the need to write just about this one particular problem this time. To support my daughter and to learn from all of our mistakes through my written word.

Rebecca is late….she is never late…

My 9 year daughter has a young man in her class that thrives on getting attention. There are a lot of children and adults that are like this. But this particular young man thrives on stalking my daughter. That is really the only word, besides bullying, that I can think of using for this particular young man, let’s call him “A”.

“A” has been, oh let’s call it, interested in Rebecca since the firt day of school. Now keep in mind we just moved here. She’s the new kid and she is a pretty little girl. Long…

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I’m a crying baby!

My dad is a sportive and thin turning 70 – looking 55 man.

During a regular physical check-up, he was urgently rushed into a heart bypass surgery; the doctors told him that he can get a heart attack any minute now, and there’s no chance he will survive it. Continue reading


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More about Autism, this time from an adult with autism

A comment to my post about April being autism awareness month caught my attention.

I visited Gareeth’s blog, an adult with Autism.

There is no way I can summarize what Gareeth has taught me in the following post in better words than Gareeth herself, so I won’t even try.

This is the post:

Please take the time to read it.

So much for this blue thing.

Thank you Gareeth. You’ ve got a great blog there.


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Bar Refaeli and I

Bar Refaeli

You know how Go Daddy could afford this “when sexy meets smart” commercial in the Super Bowl, right? That’s because I pay them for hosting my new site. (More about this fun stuff that will change the world  – here)

I saw this nice guy in the ad, and figured that if I face  server issues he will help me.

I get server errors all the time, so eventually I contacted Go Daddy.

go daddy gone

The nice guy wasn’t there, and  they said that I should contact my ISP (Internet service provider), which I did, but the ISP guys said that I should contact my router provider.

 I did that, but their nice guy suggested that I go back to my ISP. Continue reading


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Need your advice on this one. No, really!


Lately, without noticing,  this blog has become a space of great support for me.

The fact that people I don’t know care to read, share and comment on my posts, makes me realize daily that I am not alone, and that goes for heavy stuff, as well as for meaningless thoughts that I am hesitating if  to share at all. Continue reading


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A Bipolar blog


I was discussing this blog with my husband, telling him that it looks like 2 different blogs mixed together and that I probably need to split it to 2, when he scowled at me  “you will handle 2 blogs? You can’t even handle one!”

Pause…  Let’s see: I started sharing my life with you in January, following The scary world of 12’s incident. So far, 1000 of you are following my blog already. Does it mean that 1000 people think I can handle at least one blog? I sure hope so!

Thank you all again for taking the time to participate in my life by reading, commenting and sharing your own stories. It’s more than my husband does, and you don’t even know me. It’s like having 1000 people believe in me but they are far away, and one who doesn’t, but he is in my house! Let’s switch, I will have 1000 people in my house believing in me, and the one who doesn’t will be far away. Just a thought ;-).

About this blog: I am not sure it makes a lot of sense to jump from cutting to crafting. There are many days when I am very troubled about life being so stressful and painful for kids sometimes.  After I post about it, I need to remind myself that there is also a lot of good and happiness going around, and I start looking for nice things. Than you get a crafty post. No wonder I started taking anti anxiety pills lately…well that’s for another post.

I guess this bipolar disorder will not continue forever .

And no, I don’t look like this blond in the photo, thanks for asking. Wish I did though!


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