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An amazing story of a child abuse survivor


I’ve been neglecting my readers lately:  Summer, kids, you know, nothing personal:)

I admit – this summer has pushed me back into my comfort zone.

I sent my third / smallest child – 6 already (when did that happen), to first grade today.

Had to remind myself repeatedly that eventually it will all be ok. That she’ll be fine, my baby.

Not a baby anymore, is she.

Why is my heart-broken?

Anyway, that’s not what I planned to write about:

I planned to write about child abuse, and about a very special person.

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August 27, 2013 · 1:07 pm

It’s a good day to be above ground!

After releasing my last full- of- self- pity post, I called my supportive spouse.

“Tears in my eyes”, he said, “we ARE living in two parallel universes, aren’t we?” Continue reading


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Bar Refaeli and I

Bar Refaeli

You know how Go Daddy could afford this “when sexy meets smart” commercial in the Super Bowl, right? That’s because I pay them for hosting my new site. (More about this fun stuff that will change the world  – here)

I saw this nice guy in the ad, and figured that if I face  server issues he will help me.

I get server errors all the time, so eventually I contacted Go Daddy.

go daddy gone

The nice guy wasn’t there, and  they said that I should contact my ISP (Internet service provider), which I did, but the ISP guys said that I should contact my router provider.

 I did that, but their nice guy suggested that I go back to my ISP. Continue reading


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A Bipolar blog


I was discussing this blog with my husband, telling him that it looks like 2 different blogs mixed together and that I probably need to split it to 2, when he scowled at me  “you will handle 2 blogs? You can’t even handle one!”

Pause…  Let’s see: I started sharing my life with you in January, following The scary world of 12’s incident. So far, 1000 of you are following my blog already. Does it mean that 1000 people think I can handle at least one blog? I sure hope so!

Thank you all again for taking the time to participate in my life by reading, commenting and sharing your own stories. It’s more than my husband does, and you don’t even know me. It’s like having 1000 people believe in me but they are far away, and one who doesn’t, but he is in my house! Let’s switch, I will have 1000 people in my house believing in me, and the one who doesn’t will be far away. Just a thought ;-).

About this blog: I am not sure it makes a lot of sense to jump from cutting to crafting. There are many days when I am very troubled about life being so stressful and painful for kids sometimes.  After I post about it, I need to remind myself that there is also a lot of good and happiness going around, and I start looking for nice things. Than you get a crafty post. No wonder I started taking anti anxiety pills lately…well that’s for another post.

I guess this bipolar disorder will not continue forever .

And no, I don’t look like this blond in the photo, thanks for asking. Wish I did though!


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