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A short (but powerful) break with wind chimes crafts

Wind Chimes

Colored Bamboo wind chimes

Don’t know about you, I could use some break. 

This post of yesterday – such comments are always taking me a bit off-balance.

Not that I’m very balanced lately. Balance is not interesting anyway.

So I did what I always do lately, created some new tech issues with the new parents site. Try it, that’s when you lean back in your chair and let other people fix what you ruined. That is great, take it from me! I’ve started doing it on purpose, see?

Wind chimes. I was leaning back thinking I need to relax, and suddenly heard the wind chimes from outside.

It was like someone heard my thoughts.

I’m already planning to make wind chimes with my kids for the last 8 years, So I’m sure it will happen very soon.

I collected for you some amazing ideas that you can  show your kids, and promise to do with them during the next weekend. This way I’ll  not be the only mom always making promises.

wind chimes Red_mobile_back_full

Pencils! Creative isn’t it? Did they mean to show boys and girls chimes? Probably not, in any case I’m not sure about the noise effect here, but it looks great, and not difficult to make.

Do this when you finish yuor pasta

When you finish your pasta, that’s a great use for the pasta bowl!

tins wind chimes wind chimes

Look at these tin chimes, see this adorable kid with blue sunglasses 🙂 Looks like this is one picture that was carefully planned… Just Love it!

wind chimes

Not so crazy about the outcome in this case, but I just love the idea of using the paper eggs box for a mobile or wind chimes.

wind chimes

This made me laugh.  Suggest you do it with Coca Cola cans instead. With the kids, I mean.

You helped me relax now, thank you! Back to making some more programming mistakes. Take care all.



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