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Claustrophobia and Anxiety in Children

Claustrophobia in Children

My 8 year old is generally an anxious child, which we manage through basic mindful strategies.

Over the years he has experienced phases of very specific anxieties and phobias (darkness, certain foods, being alone in a room, etc), but these have always been self-limiting and have ultimately passed.

However, as these phases have passed, one specific phobia has always remained –claustrophobia.



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An amazing story of a child abuse survivor


I’ve been neglecting my readers lately:  Summer, kids, you know, nothing personal:)

I admit – this summer has pushed me back into my comfort zone.

I sent my third / smallest child – 6 already (when did that happen), to first grade today.

Had to remind myself repeatedly that eventually it will all be ok. That she’ll be fine, my baby.

Not a baby anymore, is she.

Why is my heart-broken?

Anyway, that’s not what I planned to write about:

I planned to write about child abuse, and about a very special person.

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August 27, 2013 · 1:07 pm

Autism Awareness day


April 2 is Autism Awareness day.

3 of my not so many really close friends have children with autism. Continue reading


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Help required!

Hi all,

To the many of you who read my scary world post and to the new followers of this blog,  I’m taking a short break from the new parents site I’m working on,  to post a comment just received in “the scary world”:

***** Hi! Thanks for writing. I have a 14-year-old who has talked about suicide, even was away from school for a month with depression. It’s very scary to ransack the house to find all medication and hide the bottles because I can’t take a month off work. She spends a lot of time on line. What are good, supportive sites for her? ***** Continue reading


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Need your advice on this one. No, really!


Lately, without noticing,  this blog has become a space of great support for me.

The fact that people I don’t know care to read, share and comment on my posts, makes me realize daily that I am not alone, and that goes for heavy stuff, as well as for meaningless thoughts that I am hesitating if  to share at all. Continue reading


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