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The moment you’ve been waiting for! Woo Hoo…


OK, I know, not all of you waited for this moment exactly, but I worked so hard on it, I needed to get your attention, didn’t I? 😉

For those of you who followed my journey, and for those who have no idea what I’m talking about:

I promised (here)

I complained (a lot, here )

And finally I made it!  Here:

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Teens Cutting – part 2


In my first post about this subject,  I wrote how I found out that, while I was sleeping, a new teens “trend” has started, cutting the body. ( To read my last post click here)

While I was doubtful at first, I soon discovered that the web is full of various “How to stop cutting” advises.

I will reffer to these later, but first I need to admit that the question troubling me the most is: What is the reason for this issue to become so popular lately?

The only thing I could think about is that Facebook is giving the cutting a real boost. While before, girls (and boys also, as I learned) who “cut”, maybe discussed this with close friends, today they discuss it with hundreds. The other side of this is that they get a lot of attention and feedback in Facebook, as I saw in all these “Don’t hurt yourselves” groups. Is it possible that the new attention is helping to spread this out? Can it also be that teens that before would not even think about cutting are getting new ideas? Maybe they like the attention as well?

For sure, for most of the “cutters” this is a pain killer affect.

A very good article that summarizes this penomenon is  here

They confirm that the “cutters” age is getting younger and younger, and mention 11 – 12 years old.

So much for me doubting my daughter’s story.

At the next post I will share several “How to stop cutting” advises that I could find.

And most important: Parental awareness – please be aware to various signs that your kids are in trouble.

See if they are wearing long sleeves when they shouldn’t.

Don’t panic if you learn that your kid cuts, it not a suicidal attempt.

And go get help!


January 22, 2013 · 10:20 am