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Amazing Washi Tape Crafts Ideas

washi tape ideas

Although I may seem as a crafty mom to some of you, this is how it usually goes:

1. I see a beautiful idea (that someone else thought of).

2. I show it to everybody around.

3. I start collecting the art supplies required, and promise my children that we are going to do it next Saturday.

4. Saturday comes and goes, nothing happens.

Washi tape is a great example.

I already have approximately 150 different designs:

washi tape

For those of you who are not familiar with washi tape, the latest trend in crafts and design, it is a Japanese masking tape made of rice paper with endless amazing designs. It is used for decorating walls, mirrors, furniture, glasses, endless possibilities. You can use it to hang your kids drawings or photos on the walls.

I know that most of you are not eating a popsicle right now, but you can still buy the sticks.

Look at this, isn’t it the most creative, and easy to do with kids??? I am in love.

what to do with washi tape

OK, boys too:

crafts with washi tape

Found it in teawagontales.

By the way, in case you’re an animal lover like us, you can also try this idea from makeandtakes (this is not a washi tape craft).

washi tape ideas

These are just some more easy to do washi tape ideas: I’ve collected them for some time now, and have no idea where I found them. Not mine anyway…

washi tape design

washi tape design

washi tape crafts

washi tape

washi tape notebook

washi tape pencils

washi tape flowers

Like it? Let me know!


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