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Is it Normal to Chew and Suck fingers at 4 YO?

chewing fingers


My son, Logan, will be 5 in July.

He’s recently developed a habit of chewing fingers and sucking them.

He never had a dummy (pacifier), so I’m concerned it could be a sign of anxiety.

Our home life is pretty free from stress, and I’ve tried teaching him breathing techniques and kiddy yoga.

When he’s playing with us or his grandparents, or his 2-year-old brother Alex, the fingers don’t go near his mouth.

I see him chewing fingers more when he’s watching TV or tired.

Are these normal signs of anxiety in a pre-schooler?


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For all parents out there: How to Improve Self Confidence in Children?

how to improve self confidenceOne parent recently asked me how to help his child to improve self confidence.

My answer?

You can improve your child’s self confidence easily, by following one principle:

How to improve self confidence? What you believe about your kids is what they’ll believe about themselves!

Kids take their emotional and internal cues from the adults around them.

When adults respond in fear, kids respond in fear.

When adults criticize a leader, kids doubt that leader’s ability. Read more >>


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