Kid Shaming in Social Media, What is it With These Parents??

kid shaming

I don’t typically like telling adults how to parent their children.

I don’t like it when others tell me how to parent, and for the most part I do not find it helpful to force parenting styles on other people.

However, there is this new “trend” in parenting that stirs up my anger:

Kid ‘shaming’ – Parent sponsored public humiliation..




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5 responses to “Kid Shaming in Social Media, What is it With These Parents??

  1. Wow, awful! I have never seen a public shame thankfully. And here I was complaining about all my bragging parents! Thanks for alerting us to the trend–and agreed, it’s so not cool!

  2. Most definitely not cool!! I see it on Facebook all the time, thankfully not my friends, but via Diply style compilations that someone may have shared… It’s pointless…

  3. thedamari

    I agree. Would these parents be okay with turning it around? As a mom, I would hate to have my photo published with a sign listing some of my less than stellar parenting moments. I hope I learn from them and do better next time. Did nobody read “The Scarlet Letter” in high school?

  4. betternotbroken

    They are offering up documentation of child abuse. Social media is an outlet for shame in many cases and there is no end in sight.

  5. Great post! To me this teeters on the borderline of child abuse, and parents need to realize that what they do now will have lasting implications. What we speak into the lives of our children today can either build them up or tear them down…either way, it will always be remembered.

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