What it is, what it’s not


Hey you, listen…I didn’t expect so many positive comments and help offers to my advice seeking post. You are all so helpful and supportive. With all of you I am sure I can get this on the road.

If you read the comments, you might have noticed that the multi-blog idea is interpreted differently by each reader.

Let’s start putting some sense into it:

OK, not so fast …at this point I have a better understanding of what it is not, than of what it is. Let’s see:


1. It is not a support group.

2. It is not the “sad and difficult stories” space. Well, not only.

3. It is not a forum.

4. Very important: It will definitely not replace professional help for anyone, if needed.

OK, what is it then???


It is a space where all of us can post in, in addition to our own private blog.

It’s many posts, from many contributors, under one roof.

These posts all relate to various parenting issues: If our blog is on bees and birds, but we are also parents, (or parents to be) we can post there. If our blog is about parenthood we can also post in this multi-blog, because the traffic in our own blog is limited, but posting in the multi-blog will expose us to many new readers as well as stimulate discussions that we can never reach in our personal, and therefore limited blog.

If we are counselors, working with children or whatever, we can also use this platform as well as our own’s, to post and contribute to others from our knowledge and experience. If we are grandparents, what better space is there to share our experience with others? Or to discuss the relationships with our grownup children, for example?

Bottom line: This site is an additional space for all of you to write in. As mentioned, your posts will be linked to your own sites, so it will generate traffic to your own blogs.

Your posts should benefit others. What does that mean?

If you had the best breakfast of your life today, that is great, but not the space to write about it.

If, during this breakfast, your 2 teens were throwing plates at each other and  you wanted to  get rid of them, writing about it just might stimulate a beneficial discussion, reminding many parents that they are in the same boat, sharing with each other possible solutions (as: Leave them behind and move to another country, alone) recommending the book Siblings Without Rivalry  (didn’t help me one bit, but I am told it’s a good book ;-). Or an amazing family therapist. Or whatever.

To all of you offering help: Without content there is no site. Content, Content and more quality content. Thank you!

How will it look like?


Good question. More or less like Techrunch:

Please enter the link, scroll down and you can see how your future posts will be delivered.

Now please scroll up – categories:

What will be the categories?


I have no idea. It’s your space, handling this site will keep me so preoccupied that I am not even sure I will have time to write in it.

I do tend to think, however, that we should focus on ages 10 – 20, which are more difficult than younger childhood. Or not.

Technical part:


I wasn’t aware of the headache involved in trying to build such a site with no programming skills. I am currently struggling with 3 letter curses such as CSS (not so difficult) PHP (3 migraine pills and a gun can easily solve that) etc.

I hope and pray that I can start uploading your posts in a week or two, this might be an optimistic evaluation.


Now please: Not only problems. Let’s also look for the creative and bright subjects. Sports for teens? Meditation? Creative and healthy ideas to release stress?? Great books? Nutrition? Home schooling? Work at home moms? Help me please, my mind is blocked with 3 letter curses:  Can’t focus.


This is my mail address: builtny@netvision.net.il Please feel free to use this mail to let me know what you wish to write about, offer categories, and any other suggestion that comes to mind.

With your permission, I will take the liberty to filter and choose the authors / posts that I find beneficial for others, and communicating with the spirit of this site.

You’re all great.



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133 responses to “What it is, what it’s not

  1. What a great idea. But my kids are to old so I can’t contribute. Thanks for dropping by “Honey.”

  2. binelectric

    Thank you for liking my post! The idea of creating a multi blog sounds really interesting. I’m a psychologist and just started to work with kids, so I surely will check in again.

  3. Thank you for liking my post on ANGELS ON ERRAND – growing up. I have never blogged in my life, I am not a writer but I am blogging for kinda’ like making a life history and as I go with it, life is getting exciting for me. Your idea is excellent and and I surely will learn from you excellent people and share some of mine.

  4. Sounds interesting. I’m interested in working with you and other like minded individuals if you are interest in my topics. My blog: http://kristensherlock.wordpress.com/ and my email: kristensherlock at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the likes on my blog. I’ve thought about making mine a similar theme to yours, but more on the “what I can’t say about parenting anywhere else” end. A place to be honest about what parenting really is and is not. Anyway, it’s not there right now and that’s okay. More of a place for me, which is really nice.

  6. This looks interesting! I do like the idea of sharing honest ideas and as a teacher, it would be good to see how other people approach things.

    If you need some help with the PHP, give me a shout, I’ve been programming web-software in PHP for several years now. There are worse languages to choose!

  7. Thanks for the LIKE! Sounds (Looks? what’s the proper verb for blogs?) like you have some great ideas brewing. Best of luck!

  8. Thanks for dropping by. Sounds like a great multi-blog idea huh? Have fun everyone.:)

  9. rhema3one7

    I love this idea and sounds interesting too. I will enjoy doing this if you give me a chance. I have 2 brothers and can still think of the times of rivalry, moment of truth and rush hour. We sometimes get-together and talk about our childhood days as well.

  10. Rather ambitious! I’ll follow along to see how it goes.

  11. Thanks for the likes on my blog. I think the idea of a group parenting blog is great. Wish I’d had something like that when my son was young. I look forward to your posts. Regards, Sandra

  12. Just saying…this is awesome. Keep it real. Drop by, but don’t drop on…

  13. What a great idea for a blog! Here is a story of a really inspiring mom I’m friends with: http://sheslosingit.net/2013/02/12/chiari-warrior/


  14. dental eggs

    Hi, there! Thanks for visiting dentaleggs and the ‘like’. Parenting is awesome… when it’s awesome.

  15. Charlise

    Thank you for liking my blog Cooperative Parenting (http://wp.me/p307vo-d). I’ve very interested in collaborating. My specialty is helping parents sort out their issues with each other so they can be good parents even after breaking up. So it is parenting but with a focus on the adults – would you be interested in having me contribute? You can reach me at charliselatour@gmail.com

  16. I nominated you for the most inspiring blogger award!

    Congratulations! Now go and do what it says 😉 lol

  17. Great idea! Thanks for visiting my blog – now I know about yours and I’m grateful! I’d love to link up my parenting content and will look forward to learning more! Congrats!

  18. I’m interested to see how this evolves!

  19. Archita

    very well written.

  20. Love the idea and connecting and sharing parenting possibilities and solutions with other bloggers. I just plugged your blog in my last post http://accountexecturnedmommy.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/failing-family-dinner-101/
    . While my post was sarcastic in nature about our family dinner, there has to be help for people like me!

  21. Awesome Endeavour!!

    Thanks for letting me find this Blog 🙂

  22. Hi! I have nominated you for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award! To find out more, and to accept the nomination, please go to: http://mummyshymz.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/beautiful-mama-blog-award/
    Have a great day!

  23. Cathy

    Thank you for liking my post about the latest sexting app Secret Calculator. I specialize in safety – women, teens, and kids. If you’d like to have a safety feature on your blog I would be more than happy to address issues for your readers. Kid safety, bullying, peer pressure, and self defense. We all need to take a greater role when it comes to our safety and our kid’s safety.

  24. Thank you for the like. I wish you all the luck in the world in developing your blog into a multi blog – I currently write for such a blog with four or five core writers – it is great fun and at present easy to manage, I am glad you are concentrating on the “difficult years” not nearly enough is shared about the tempestuous teens and I wish I had had more resources and anecdotes to help me when my kids were that age. Mine are now in their 20s and 30s and once a parent always a parent – we also need somewhere to discuss our grown up children as we stand by and follow their woes and pick up the pieces.

  25. HI, thank you for liking my post “no one can know the future…” on GTBA – i’m not sure if it would fit here, but if it does i would like to post it on your blog. I like your stuff a lot.

    Good luck with the CSS and stuff. I’m starting to do the same thing. Working with support and copying code they send. I think once I learn it, it will be fun to be able to manipulate how my site looks.

    this is the address for that article if you are intersted: http://jackiegtba2013.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/no-one-can-know-the-future-but-in-some-it-is-expected/

    thanks, and good luck

  26. I forgot to tick the little box asking to be notified about your response, so I’ll try again – can you direct me to the directions so I can be involved in this? Brilliant idea! And, useful!

  27. I love your blog. I could contribute a post about a young adult aide for autistic children? I’d love that. Probably the best thing I’ve done…

  28. Thank you for liking my post. I will drop in periodically to check out your site. A multi blog approach is a great idea especially in regards to parenting!

  29. Pingback: New (Old) Ground: eHarmony and a Co-op | In Your Corner

  30. I’m not a parent, or a psychologist, or anyone special, really, but I hope you don’t mind if I join in a little…

    Give me a while to get used to all this, it’s kind of messy for me. New to blogging here, ready to embarrass myself in any way possible XD

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